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Can afternoon naps help your career?

You snooze, you win – so says David Einhorn, the maverick head of US hedge fund Greenlight Capital.

Einhorn is emerging as the world’s most notorious hedgie, after his recent lambasting of Lehman Brothers, credit-rating firms and bond insurers (Chicago Tribune).

But poker-playing, rabble-rousing Einhorn actually gets all his energy from the most genteel of habits – taking regular afternoon naps. The bad boy even has a special sofa set up in his office for siesta time. He also likes to get to bed early, and all this sleep means he can wake in the early hours to crack on with researching.

So, is there anything better than sleep to help your short-selling? Should we be hitting the sack instead of Starbucks to recharge our batteries in the afternoon? Wake up and give us your thoughts below.

Comments (3)

  1. I can’t quite see how snoozing on the desk could be construed as a good idea while markets are open.

  2. What do Churchill and Bill Clinton have in common (apart from a certain fondness for cigars)? Answer is that they both snooze for a short period in the afternoon. Supposed to do wonders for your concentration. Perhaps all those CDO traders who took their eyes off the ball could have done with the odd siesta.

  3. I vote for power nap!!! i’ve tried it, it works for me!!!

    The issue is if you are not the boss, how can you afford to take that nap in front of them.

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