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GUEST COMMENT: 19 steps to suffocating your career

1. Get caught up in your own world and busy life.

2. Don’t bother keeping in touch with your network of friends, ex-colleagues, ex-clients and contacts.

3. Get made redundant or learn your job is under threat.

4. Get back in contact with your network because you’ve heard the mantra: “Networking is best way to find a new job.”

5. Run around telling everyone “Oh, I love networking it’s so great to reconnect!”

6. Jump on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to broadcast your “Hi, I’m looking for a job – please help!” message.

7. Suddenly get on every social media site connecting, friending and poking.

8. Request LinkedIn recommendations from people you’ve lost touch with (without making any effort to re-establish the relationship first.)

9. Keep asking for leads, help and advice from your network.

10. Don’t bother taking a genuine interest in their needs or goals. Instead focus only on what you want.

11. Eventually find a new job and tell everyone how clever and important you are.

12. Don’t bother thanking all the people who have attempted to help or informally advise you through your career transition or job search.

13. Tell everyone “….oh we must catch up once I’m settled into the new role. I’ll call you.”

14. Get busy with the new job and forget to contact them.

15. Just disappear off the radar and forget about your contacts and network once again.

16. Keep going for a few years whilst things are going well.

17. Then eventually get caught up in a rut again or lose your job.

18. Get back in touch with your network, return to the top of this list and follow the same cycle once again.

19. Start moaning and whining about how unhelpful and ‘cold’ your contacts and network have become.

In an age where job security no longer exists, your network and relationships play huge part in your career success. So follow these 19 steps and you’re guaranteed to damage your network and screw up your career. Do the complete opposite and maybe, just maybe you’ll establish genuine relationships and create real opportunities on an ongoing basis.

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Comments (21)

  1. Given point 3 is – ‘do not get fired’ i could no be bothered reading all the way to point 19. Life is short.

  2. 20. Write pointless articles that demonstrate a severe deficit of personality and creative thought.

    21. Write a top 19. of mind-numbing careerist truisms rather than limiting it to the more eye-catching top 10.

  3. I liked it. I think it makes a very important point.

  4. Please go and pester another industry with your utterly puerile nonsense.

  5. I want my 2 minutes back.

  6. So you should spend all your life either working or being nice to people you don’t like just because it might get in helpful when you need them?

    What about just connecting with who you like, as you would do in normal life… And carry on with your life: I second, it is too short.

  7. 1 step to topping yourself: walk in front of a bus

  8. This is more hilarious drivel from the peeps at EFC

    “Dont lose your job” – is classic

    TheOneThatRocks Reply
  9. 21. Posting under a synonym to make positive comments about self written bad articles who waste peoples time…..

  10. 22. Ask e-financial careers to ban negative moaning types from the site. They are like poison to those who find much of this advice valuable. Yes, common sense – but how many people fall into the above trap? If you don’t like it, please don’t poison the site for rest of us

    23. Make everyone who comments on this site log in with name so who know who they are and can invite them to share something valuable instead of simply moaning.

    No wander the rest of the world hates our industry – because of the arrogance of the people we seem to have attracted into the sector

    Not Impressed With My Peers Reply
  11. sound advice which should be heeded by those of you who do not wish to end up in a small provincial town like me.

  12. Well I actually liked it. Thanks You. Please post more.

  13. 1) This article doesn’t take 2 minutes to read. More like 30 seconds.
    2) It makes a valid point in an interesting way: don’t be a jerk while you’re busy at work.
    3) All those above seem incorrigible jerks and could learn lessons from this.

  14. How is Efin ever meant to be helpful with the arrogance and disgusting posts made by the people above?? After reading their vomit, who feels like posting something positive???

  15. what a mutt

  16. Sarah, one of my colleagues used to submit articles to this site. But she stopped due to the appalling behaviour of some of your readers in these comments section. It’s can’t see how having lots of rude comments and discussions is good for your brand? Surely these comments sections should about discussions, debates and helping each other – not acting like teenagers hiding behind a silly name. The pseudo names may protect the individuals – but it doesn’t protect an industry that’s about to be hit for six with huge job losses. I hope you publish this…

  17. @Not Impressed With My Peers

    And where is your real name? Nowhere to be found.

    And also – how do you force people to register with their real name?
    Do you start asking for credit card numbers?

    Not all criticism is time-wasting.
    The comments are not much different from those I hear in the office, so it’s not such an untruthful representation of the industry.

    The Original AQD Reply
  18. When you went to the careers advisor during school what did you tell them you wanted to be……

  19. I think he makes a valid and important point.

  20. No job is worth worrying over. Hands to the job and mind to the lord!

  21. The quality of the article confirms the uselessness of articles on this side. was unsure if I should quit reading my RSS feed, now decision has been made. Useless

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