Graduates: You may now begin applying for 2015 jobs at investment banks!

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Apply now for graduate jobs in investment banks

It's started! If you're a Europe-based university student and you're thinking of applying for a graduate job or internship at an investment bank, you may now commence your application.

Deutsche Bank's applications for 2014 are now open.  So are UBS's.  So are Credit Suisse's.  So are Nomura's.  So are Bank of America Merrill Lynch's.  So are Morgan Stanley's. And so are Goldman Sachs's. 

Some U.S. banks seem to be behind the times, however. There's no sign yet of 2014-2015 applications being open at JPMorgan. Citi is still advertising its deadlines for last year. 

In most cases, it helps to get your spring week/internship/graduate application to an investment bank as early as possible. Many banks hire on a first come, first serve basis.

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