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REVIEW MY CV: I keep interviewing for equity sales roles and not being hired. Why is this?

Hi everyone. I’m working in an equity sales/broking role for a boutique and want to make a change. I’m looking either for straight equity sales roles or for corporate broking roles at larger organisations where I can learn more.

I’ve interviewed at a couple of places and the feedback has been excellent, but I haven’t been hired. I am also currently taking the PCIAM (private clients investment advice and management) which is necessary in my current role as UNHWs and HNWs form a good proportion of our client base.

Does anyone have any advice?



2009: Private Business School, London

MA in Management & Finance (Merit)

Majors: Finance for Managers, Global Corporate Finance, Risk Management

2006: UK University

BA (Hons) Politics

Majors: Oil and Security in the Persian Gulf, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism and Nationalism and Fascism

2002: School

A Levels: English, History, Politics, Geography



English mother tongue


January 11- Present Corporate finance boutique

Boutique Corporate Finance business focused on renewable, leisure and technology sectors.

Position: Equity Sales / Corporate Broking

– Fund raising for private placements of between 500,000 to 10m.

– Organising / managing road shows. Acquiring new clients.

– Clients include HNWs, family offices, VCs, PCBs and private equity / hedge funds in the UK and Europe.

– Preparing / editing marketing material, pitch books, full private placement and information memorandum and email campaigns using Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

– Communicating with current shareholders.

– Ad hoc tasks required in a small company.

June 09 – October 10 Hedge fund information provider

Position: Institutional Sales / Investor Relations

– Supporting fund raising efforts in UK, Benelux and Ireland.

– Opening new markets and closing deals in those markets less than 2 months later where deal size increased incrementally (first deal was 300,000 Euros).

– Organising road shows.

– Writing monthly newsletter with market overview.

– Handling external client queries in an accurate and timely manner.

– Use of MS office programmes incl. Excel and PowerPoint for peer comparisons and prospectus material.

– Acquiring clients (including cold calling).

Feb 09-May 09 Consulting firm, London

Position: Intern / Business Development

– Lead generation and research of 100s of charitable endowments’ balance sheets. Cold calling, shadowing the fund manager and performing ad hoc (excel based usually) tasks for him.

– Production of marketing documentations: Presentations, back tests, terms-sheets

– Acquisition of new clients

Oct 07- Feb 08 Custodian

Position: Money Market Investigations

– Analysis of complex data in investigating non receipt money market deals in Sterling, Euros and US dollars.

– Used various database systems and compiled reports sent to external clients for validation.

– Liaised with brokers, custodians and fund managers throughout the day.

Nov 06 – Mar 07 Construction and Property Consultancy, London

Position: Graduate Project Manager

– Researched and compiled reports and Excel template scoring matrix used in the evaluation of various contractors’ merits for schemes.

– Shadowing the Project Manager.

Comments (12)

  1. If the feedback is excellent yet you don’t get hired you should question either your appeal to employers or their credibility, or both. There is a clear gap between their words and actions.

  2. frankly suprised that you are getting interviews for this type of role however short answer is that you don’t stay anywhere for longer than five minutes im guessing you are not convincing enough on your reasons for leaving. why not try and put a couple of years at least under your belt in the current role and then try to make the move.

  3. Im not even going to bother to read your CV. If you keep getting interviews, then your CV is clearly good enough, it’s your interview technique you need to work on.

  4. As recruiter mentions your job hopping does stand out a bit. The market is pretty tight right now so it might just be a case that whilst you are a good candidate, they have found a better one. Keep going

  5. Agree with Recruiter. Job-hopping does’t look good.

    Would like to be a Recruiter. Reply
  6. Ignore those who say job hopping is not good. In many cases you have no choice, especially in sales roles.

  7. Bloody recruiters, do my head in with their poncy HR drivel that I keep hearing them saying.

    Job hopping, what a load of crap, mate, do not listen to these people, keep on trying, it will come good for you eventually.

    We are in the middle of a recession, and jobs are few, competition is high. I was in the same boat as you, but I kept plugging away, and got myself a job. Try not to get too disheartened, have a good attitude, prepare well for interviews, and most importantly don’t give up, and don’t listen to these downbeat, frankly unhelpful arsewipe recruiters, and go for it.

    Good luck mate in your search for your job

    Hatemostrecruiters Reply
  8. Agree with Sean!

    BTW – Why do you want leave corporate finance?

  9. Sean makes a good point that if you’re getting interviews then your cv probably isn’t the problem. You need to take some time to really critique your interviews and work on your technique. Also, the perception of job hopping likely won’t help your case so have a good explanation as to why there are so many positions in such short time.

  10. You didn’t stick around long enough for your previous role…

  11. Equity sales is all about how many clients you can bring over to the new company, so its either that your client list isn’t good enough or you have not built the sort of relationship with them where you can take them to the new business (expected since you have only been in your job for 8 months only)

  12. I am an ED in a US bank and I fully agree with recruiter. The problem is you have changed jobs too frequently. You have good academics so you can get invited to the first interview, but if you do not have credible explanations for moving around so much, you are unlikely to get shortlisted for the job (at least in Tier 1 institutions).

    Fixed Income trading Reply

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