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Will you be fired if you go on holiday?

Paranoia is rife in the wake of mass redundancies at investment banks and now it seems a lot of bankers think a trip to the Canary Islands could see their jobs flutter away.

Top executives in the UK are canning holiday plans because of escalating redundancy fears, according to research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (Telegraph).

City workers are desperate to swap holiday for other benefits because they’re anxious that time away from the office could lead to a P45. Nearly 40% of workers want to carry over their holiday, while others are looking to swap annual leave for private healthcare.

“There is clearly a fear that out of sight means out of mind – but without a proper break individual performance can suffer,” says the CMI’s Jo Causon.

So will you be retiring to sunny climes for a well-earned rest? Or will you be burning the midnight oil this summer to show just how indispensable you are? Your thoughts please….

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  1. Personally, I will be sunning myself on an exotic caribbean island for two weeks in a months time, but then I know I’m indispensible.

  2. James – lucky you. I will be working later, looking over my shoulder and showing my diligence….all the while thinking of a skiing holiday in December when (hopefully) things will have changed slightly. Or I’ll be fired anyway…

  3. We are becoming more American by the day. Ridiculous.

  4. James, you certainly are indispensible – those desks have got to be cleaned and those coffee cups won’t collect themselves.

  5. everyone is essential, but no one is indispensible…enjoy your holiday

  6. lol paul

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