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How low would you go to get a job?

As the global jobs bloodbath continues to claim more victims, how far would you go to get back into a bank?

You could try taking tips from Joshua Persky, a recently redundant Wall Street banker. Persky, who worked as a valuations consultant for i-bank Houlihan Lokey, is selling himself to potential employers by pounding the streets of New York wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “Experienced MIT Grad For Hire!” (Reuters).

He’s been busy handing out CVs, and has attracted employer interest from Singapore to Florida, but still awaits that all-important offer.

Is Persky being pesky or perky? Would you wear a sandwich board to get a job interview? Sell yourself below.

Comments (6)

  1. Hello no. For all he has learned during his studies, are the only options to be a bank employee or a sandwich board on the street? Instead of making an idiot of himself or a news story at best, he could instead employ his (we assume) developed skills and earn his living accordingly. The road to being self-employed, for example, is always open, and I have resorted to it during my lifetime without regrets. I am sure doing some tutoring would offer him more in terms of developing skills than being a loud-mouthed self-promoting failure.

  2. No large bank in their right mind would employ this guy now. Well, they might employ him for comedy value.

  3. Can he not do contract work? He must have some capital to set up his own biz, surely there are other options

  4. For the benefit of the doubt, he might be broke, and have few dependecies to take care of. Or worse still, in huge debt.

    not so low job seeker Reply
  5. Nobody wants to hire a desperate person, im sure the person in question has many great attributes and he should just focus on being professional, the economic conditions do not call for pranks etc. My only advice to this guy is that he should set a realistic target time wise for looking for his role that he wants then just do anything to get some structure back in one life as you meet nobody stuck at home, but being out and about you alaways meet someone who knows someone.

  6. Right now, we need more diligent accountants on the job. That means doing the daily work to make sure systems are doing the accounting and reporting with checks and balances. True, the cost of technology is such that monitor and control systems must be efficient, simple, and managed constantly. More accountants should be working. (I am an accountant who has passed the CPA exam, not working, and who loves various trading and business systems.)

    Michelle Rosenbaum Reply

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