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Women Litter Goldman’s List of New Partners

Goldman Sachs’ new partner class may be small, only around two-thirds the size of its 2010 group, but it features the highest percentage of women in recent memory.

Of the 70 selected, 10 are women. That’s 14%, which is the highest percentage since at least 2006, a Goldman spokesperson told eFC. Still, fewer women were selected this year compared to 2010, when 13% of the 110 person class was women. In 2008, only 7% of new partners were women. Goldman names new partners every two years.

One of the biggest names to make partner is noted software industry analyst Heather Bellini, who recently came over from ISI Group, and financial adviser Jill Ann Borst, who manages over $146 billion in assets, according to her bio on Find the Best.

Goldman pared down its partner list this year as it seeks to cut costs and limit redundancies. Now the question is how many employees will exit the firm after being passed over for partner? Stay tuned.

Click here for the full list of partners.

Here are the 10 women named partners:

Darling,Anne Marie
Kirk,Marie Louise

Comments (5)

  1. Shamefully, the word “litter” should not be used in association with women. Surely there are too many reasons to list why not.

  2. OMG 14% ratio is considered to be a record proportion by GS and others…..

    We are talking about the promotion of 10 persons as if it signalled some sort of an end of gender discrimination in the industry….ridiculous.

  3. No Nalanda, it is not discrimination. There are fewer women available for promotion, and fewer willing to make the sacrifices currently necessary to move up the chain.

    Get a grip.

  4. Nalanda – In your face.

  5. ‘Litter’ is probably not the best choice of word, but I don’t think its intended to be discriminatory.

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