GLOSSE: Are you German?

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Viele Deutsche verdienen ihr Geld als Gastarbeiter bei Banken und Finanzdienstleistern in London. Denn rund die Hälfte der über 300.000 Jobs in der Londoner City entfallen auf Ausländer. Dort sind die Deutschen eine beliebte Zielscheibe des englischen Humors. So hat beispielsweise das britische Boulevardblatt The Sun einen Fragebogen erstellt, mit dem die Leser feststellen können, ob sie mehr deutsche als englische Gene besitzen.

Schließlich war England während der Völkerwanderung beliebtes Ziel germanischer Stämme. Dieses rühmliche Unterfangen hat eFinancialCareers um einige Fragen erweitert. Damit auch die wenig polyglotten Engländer dieses ernste Thema verstehen, haben wir den Fragebogen in bestem German-English verfasst:

Der ultimative Fragebogen:

What do you think of canned spaghetti?

A. After two weeks on diet my Schäferhund wouldn't eat it.

B. It's disgusting.

C. It's delicious, genuine Italian food.

After eight pints you feel...

A. Drunk.

B. Dizzy.

C. Normal, it's an every day occurrence.

How do you feel when it snows?

A. It's romantic.

B. Part and parcel of winter.

C. I'm scared, I need to find next shelter until the ice age is over. I'm constantly surprised that it snows in England, even though it happens every year.

What Do you feel when the Germans win 4:1 against England at a football World Cup?

A. Happy, but I'm used to it as the German team always wins against the UK national team.

B. I don't mind.

C. Angry, I will complain about dodgy refereeing decisions and burn my Volkswagen.

After eight years learning French at school you...

A. Speak it more or less fluently.

B. I can say bonjour and au revoir.

C. What is France?

What is Ulster?

A. Half beer, half lemonade.

B. A part of Northern Ireland.

C. An important province of the UK.

What does Royal mean?

A. I don't read the tabloids.

B. It's an historic title, used in fairy tales and Disney films.

C. These are very important people, contributing a lot for the mankind and world peace.

What means goose stepping?

A. Sounds like Ententanz.

B. Some ancient military stuff.

C. The preferred way of moving by Germans.

What is white asparagus?

A. A delicious meal.

B. An expensive vegetable.

C. Looks like an organic di***.

If you answer A,B or C you are:

A. Kraut by heart

C. Bloody English

B. Totally boring.