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Tell us: Would you gladly give up your cosy cubicle for an “officeless office”?

Now that's one hot desk

Now that's one hot desk

Bid farewell to your own desk along with its comforting clutter – communal work stations, or hot desking, could be coming your way soon, if a recent Wall Street Journal report is anything to go by. Unassigned work areas seem to be a growing phenomenon as companies seek to cut costs.

American Express is one financial services firm that has already started to move employees into non-territorial spaces in Singapore and London. Other companies embracing the concept include PricewaterhouseCoopers. Apart from reducing expenses, proponents say it allows for better teamwork and productivity (staff typically sit near those they interact regularly with).

The flip side is that corporate life becomes even more depersonalised. There’s also the added inconvenience of having to pack and unpack items from your locker at the start and end of each day, a hot-desking employee tells eFinancialCareers.

That said, the preference for such an office often boils down to personality type. Our source shrugs: “I’m not the sort that likes to mark my spot with lots of personal items on my desk. Besides, I like the idea of being able to change where I sit, as and when I want to.”

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  1. The ideal environment is one where you have your own desk, but lots of “break-out” areas to work with other groups.
    I also highly recommend clean desk policies so that you can hot-desk if necessary. I think it’s ridiculous when people have plants and fishbowls and 20 photo frames all over their desks so that it’s un-useable by anyone else! Keep your home and work life separate!!

  2. i sit facing opposite the boss’s boss. Going to work everyday and facing him when he’s at his desk is a burden and added pressure i dont need.
    hot desking is perfect solution

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