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Tell us about the strangest candidate you’ve ever come across

Many of you would have interviewed candidates during your careers – especially if you’re a line manager – so tell us about the strangest, most demanding, or most stupid job seeker you’ve ever come across. Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling:

The shady, silent character

We all know techies can be oddballs, but a recruiter in Hong Kong recently dealt with an IT professional who wore sunglasses (without explanation) throughout an interview. Worse still, he refused to answer any questions. “The bank wondered why the candidate even bothered coming for the interview. It’s safe to say he didn’t get the job,” says the recruiter.

The manipulator

A back-office job seeker from a commercial bank in Shanghai was offered a role at another commercial bank, but used this purely as a bargaining tool to clinch a better package at an investment bank where he was also interviewing. However, after discovering that i-banking wasn’t for him, he quit after just three months and has been unemployed for almost 10 months, despite having skills which are highly desirable in the Chinese market.

His original recruiter says the candidate’s life is now pretty tough. “He’s sent his CV to all the banks and worked with too many recruiters, so that’s not really reflected well on him. When candidates manipulate offers in this way, it just shows that they don’t value the firm. Banks aren’t very forgiving, they have a blacklist of candidates who do this, and so do recruiters.”

Make his a double

Shawn Yu, consultant, financial services, Robert Walters, knows a candidate who demanded a base salary twice his current one for a strategy position in a commercial bank.

“The candidate’s salary expectations were unrealistically high,” says Yu. He turned down the original offer and instead took a role outside banking, only to later realise he wasn’t cut out for it.

Have you encountered a terrible candidate? Share your story below.

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  1. The manipulator case is quite strange. Actually a lot of people are using similar strategies.

  2. I don’t see any feedback or comments from the hiring managers, at the end of the recruiters seems to judge the candidate which should not be the case as of my experience most of the recruiters don’t even understand what the candidate wants and why the candidate feels he is suitiable for the role, they only go by control F. May be not all but 70% of recruiters do the same….!

    Christopher Dave Reply

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