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The state we’re in: An infographic of global financial recruitment trends from eFinancialCareers

Sometimes it’s best to let the pictures (and the numbers) do the talking, so below we present an enlightening infographic of eFinancialCareers’ global data from last year. From an Asia Pacific perspective, you can see that Singapore and Hong Kong are popular choices for international financial professionals.

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An eFinancialCareers Production

Comments (4)

  1. The stats are all well and good.
    How about some information/articles on how to find that overseas opportunity and get sponsored to work overseas?
    I’ve missed the WHS visa for various reasons and am now looking for an expat opportunity.

    ActivelyLooking Reply
  2. Good insights are offered by this analysis. Surprising to note that the UK has attracted the largest number of aspirants.

  3. Impressive data…but is there anyway that eFC can have figure on how many have been employed from eFC?

  4. Would like to see the growth rate of number of job posts by region as well. World is shifting place, total number doesn’t say it all. :)

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