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So the interviewer asks “why do you want a new job”? Here are five stupid replies that are killing candidates’ chances in China

1) “I want more money”

This is a big taboo. “Although it’s known that money is one motivating factor for candidates to move, it is also a known rule that one should never mention this during interviews. If money is the reason why a candidate is looking to move, it indicates that he/she is a money-mover and that this candidate has no career plan or loyalty towards the employer,” says Frank Wu, senior consultant, accounting and finance, Robert Walters China.

2) “I don’t like my current boss”

You can’t say this directly. “It is unethical. Bad mouthing a boss will make a candidate look bad. It indicates that a candidate might have an attitude problem and that he/she may not have the skills to manage the expectations of different people,” says Lyon Yang, manager, accounting and finance, Robert Walters China.

3) “My office is too far from home at the moment”

The answer makes you sound vulnerable. Stephen He, banking and finance manager, Kelly Services, says if you can’t even conquer the hardship of a commute, why should you be expected to perform any demanding requests from clients or bosses?

4) “My wife makes more than me”

Believe it or not, male candidates in China do sometimes say this, and it raises the dangerous red flag of money once again. Interviewers will have concerns that if you change jobs for a higher salary today, you might easily leave for the same reason tomorrow.

5) “I got fired”

This sounds like a confession, but in interviews you have to pull yourself together. Chris He, senior consultant, consumer sales and marketing, Robert Walters China, explains: “It’s good to be honest and most recruiters appreciate it when candidates tell the truth. However, saying that, being fired from a job will put you in a negative position and recruiters will be wary of your capabilities and work ethics. Being fired will make recruiters wonder what you have done and this will lower your chances during job search.”

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