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The worst thing about the 2017 CFA exam results

Do you have your CFA exam results? Do you? Do you? Do you? If you do, you’re lucky, but may you don’t because they’re late.

Not just a bit late: very late.

The CFA Institute promises to send the results to candidates who sat the June exams for CFA I and II after 9am Eastern Time today. So, far, there’s no sign of them. This is causing widespread freaking out. If the junior banker on your desk is doing no work, this will be why. To make matters worse, the CFA Institute’s website has been overwhelmed by candidates desperate for news and is either down, or only loading very slowly.

There are also some ominous and totally spurious reports going around that if you don’t get your CFA results soon after 9am ET, you’ve failed. Take this facetious comment from the Reddit CFA forum: ” it [the results email] goes in 15min intervals. So: 9:00 to 9:15 -> passes 9:15 to 9:30 -> fails 9:30 to 9:45 -> passes …and so forth.”

Nonetheless, there is one thing that we do know and that is this year’s pass rate is still just as miserable as ever. Although the CFA seems to be delaying issuing any news on individual passes, it has announced that just 43% passed Level I this June, the same as last year, while only 47% past level II (up on 46% last year).

Worse, the anguish of CFA candidates waiting on their emails may continue for quite a while longer. – In 2016 the CFA Institute reported sent out CFA Level II results a full two hours after the 9am deadline.

This is what the CFA has to say on the matter:

And this is what all the waiters have been articulating:

Photo credit: Marsia (l’urlo) by Giovanni is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Comments (8)

  1. My son received his results at 10:43 AM and he passed.

  2. Worst thing is that it is pretty useless

  3. Have not heard on Level 2 as of 1:40 pm ET.

  4. Thanks for your support, Daddy!

  5. Thanks for the support, Dad!

  6. Still waiting for results. It’s 4 pm EDT and I’m goings nuts. Is anyone else still waiting for results?

  7. I never got a score email, had to find out by logging in.

    Bob the Plumber Reply
  8. Great great blog, thanks for sharing this with us. Yeah of course having result of cfa exams is lucky.

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