The 10 highest paying CFA jobs in Singapore

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You’ve (almost) got through your 300 hours of revision for the CFA exams on June 23. Provided you eventually pass all three levels (only about one in five people who sit the Level I exam end up becoming charterholders), it’s worth thinking about how the CFA might help you land a well-paid job in Singapore financial services.

We looked through our CV database and identified the 10 job sectors which have the most Singapore-based CFA charter to their names.

We then reviewed five 2018 recruiter salary surveys to determine average base salaries for VPs (people with around six years’ experience) for key jobs in these CFA-friendly sectors.

If you’re taking the CFA to make a lucrative career change, the functions toward the top of the table are the ones you’ll want to work in.

Image credit: DKart, Getty

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