The best Hong Kong universities for getting a job at Citi, HSBC and Stan Chart

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Citi, HSBC and Standard Chartered are among the largest recruiters of graduates in the Hong Kong banking sector. And they mainly hire from local universities.

But which particular Hong Kong colleges does each bank get its grads from?

To find out, we searched through online employee profiles for recent graduates (people with up to two years’ experience) who are now working at Citi, HSBC or Stan Chart in Hong Kong and who also studied at one of the city’s leading universities.

Then we converted the numbers into the percentage of people who studied at each university. And we did this per bank, as shown in the table below.

Hong Kong University and the City University of Hong Kong are a good bet for getting a graduate job at Citi, HSBC and Stan Chart – they both obtained comparatively high percentages across all three firms.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Baptist, Lingnan, and Open University – not renowned for their finance courses – all supply similarly low amounts of graduates to the banks.

Interestingly, the results are more mixed for the other two schools on our table.

Graduates of the Chinese University of Hong Kong don’t tend to go to Citi (it makes up only 13% of that firm’s total). But CUHK is the top local institution for getting into HSBC (23%) and the second-ranked one for Stan Chart (22%).

If you want a junior job at Citi, you are advised to attend the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which provides 29% of Citi's locally-educated young employees, according to online staff profiles. HKUST is a less happy hunting ground for Stan Chart (16%) and HSBC (13%).

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