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Meet the talented graduates who’ve just joined Stan Chart in Asia

Meet the talented graduates who’ve just joined Stan Chart in Asia

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Standard Chartered may have trimmed its management ranks in Singapore and Hong Kong this year, but it’s still hiring plenty of juniors.

Over the past two months scores of 20-somethings have entered its International Graduate Programme in the two cities.

But what kind of people has Stan Chart been hiring? What kind of background might you need if you’re a student looking to join the firm in the future?

Conveniently, a few of Stan Chart’s new Asian trainees have updated their online profiles for public view. Here’s how they ended up at the bank.

Mona Tan

Tan comes to Stan Chart with a glowing academic resume from Nanyang Technological University. During her double degree in accountancy and business she won a scholarship, made the Dean’s List twice, and got to the finals of the CFA Investment Research Challenge. Her extracurriculars also stack up: vice president of the Banking and Finance Club and team lead for NTU Sports Club Programmers’ Committee. Tan did a four-month internship at Stan Chart from August 2015 and joined the firm’s transaction banking team in Singapore a year later, according to her public profile.

Kenneth Chan

It’s difficult enough to secure a graduate job if you weren’t an intern at the same firm the previous year. It’s almost impossible to get one if you’ve never worked in any bank during your college days. Chan has impressively defied the odds. His online profile indicates that his only internship was in financial management…at the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong. However, his majors (economics and finance) and academic pedigree (a Rosita King Ho Scholarship from The University of Hong Kong) are exactly what banks like Stan Chart traditionally like to see on student CVs.

Tiffany Leung

Leung’s first internship (in 2013) was also outside of finance – at a Hong Kong Audi dealership – but she broke into the sector the following summer with a stint in KPMG’s China corporate tax team. In 2015, her penultimate year at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Leung secured a role at HSBC where she “reported to a relationship manager and organised multiple networking events”. It’s not surprising that Stan Chart rather than HSBC snapped her up this year. HSBC, Citi and Stan Chart are three of the largest foreign banks in Asia, so an internship with one can often lead to a permanent job with another.

Kevin Koh

Koh’s online profile suggests that Stan Chart doesn’t just look to hire interns and grads with experience at Western banks. His two stints at Asian firms – Maybank and DBS – led him to an internship at one of the most sought-after divisions in Stan Chart, corporate and institutional clients and corporate finance. Stan Chart may have been particularly impressed by his DBS internship, which involved working on the firm’s acquisition of Societe Generale private banking and presenting “integration and migration studies”.

Ian Tang

Like many of his 2016 Stan Chart cohort, Tang complemented his local degree (from the National University of Singapore) with a short stint at an elite overseas college (in his case a summer studying accounting and finance at Berkeley). His financial markets internship at Stan Chart last year also appears impressive: he was “attached to the commodities desk under the head of structured inventory products for a front-office experience in conjunction with a middle-office role under the group senior operational risk officer”. Tang has now won a coveted financial markets graduate job at the British bank.

Kimberly Koh

This Nanyang Technological University student impressed Stan Chart enough during her 2015 internship to be invited back full-time this year. Koh’s public profile also shows the importance of getting (very) involved in as many campus events as you can in order to demonstrate your ‘leadership potential’ to banks. She was a financial events executive on the NTU Investment Interactive Club and sat on the NTU Accountancy and Business Club events subcommittee. She even helped organised events for freshman orientation and for her hall of residence.

Image credit:TakakoWatanabe, Getty

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