The 15 most popular Masters in Finance for getting a job in Singapore banking

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The most popular Masters in Finance for getting a job in Singapore banking

The Masters in Finance (MIF) qualification is slowly gaining traction in Singapore, a city where mid-career banking professionals have traditionally preferred taking MBAs.

But where should you study if you want a MIF that will help you boost your finance career in Singapore?

We searched our CV database for financial professionals in the Republic who have a Masters in Finance to their name, and we found out which business school they attended. We then ranked the 15 most popular of these universities to produce the table below.

Because the MIF has only recently emerged as a popular qualification in Singapore, the data set is not yet large enough to examine the business function of graduates or the type of firm they work for (but you can click here for our global list of top MIF schools for getting front-office jobs at leading investment banks).

However, our numbers do show that spending tens of thousands of dollars to study abroad may not be worth the effort.

Of those who attended one of the top-15 business schools, 60% studied locally – either at a domestic college (SMU or NUS, for example) or at a Singapore campus of an overseas institution such as ESSEC or INSEAD.

If you do want to leave Singapore for your Masters in Finance, one city stands out: London. The four most popular foreign-based courses – London Business School, London School of Economics,

Imperial College, and Cass – are all based in the British capital.

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