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Blog for eFinancialCareers: Tell us what it’s really like building a career and searching for work in China

Never mind what recruiters and HR people think, we want YOU as a China-based financial professional to blog (anonymously) about your career challenges.

Give us the gossip on the good, the bad and the simply frustrating aspects of your working life, whether that’s job hunting, dealing with redundancy, or coping with awful managers. The choice is yours.

To read some examples, click on the links below.

I’ve got a big counter offer, but if my employer values me so much, why didn’t it raise my pay beforehand?

Psych tests = pointless trash

I can’t get a job because my old boss is unfairly giving me bad references

If this sounds of interest, please email a 100-word summary of your blog topic to apac.editor@efinancialcareers.com. Note that you must be living in mainland China and you must be a financial services professional.

If we like the first piece you write, we might even give you a regular slot on the site, and there’s even the potential for a small fee for your efforts.

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