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The worst paid banking jobs in Singapore

The worst paid banking jobs in Singapore

Not so bountiful in Singapore banking

You’re graduating in Singapore this year and you’ve secured a place on an analyst programme in the banking sector. Your next goal is to land a lucrative job after your training rotation is over.

If a high salary in Singapore is ultimately what you’re after, you still have a few options – associate-level investment bankers can earn a healthy S$200k ($US142k), while private bankers with similar experience are paid up to S$165k (US$117k). Compliance and even some risk and accounting roles also pay comparatively well.

But don’t count on banking to always provide you with a well-paid job. We’ve trawled through pay surveys from seven finance recruiters in Singapore and identified the roles that pay the worst average salaries to candidates with five years’ experience (i.e. people who are at, or around, associate level in investment banks).

Try to avoid finding yourself in one of the jobs in the table below when your analyst training ends. If you work in any of these functions – including sought-after roles like operational risk, regulatory reporting, and onboarding – you will still be earning under S$90k (US$64k) a full five years after you graduate.

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