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Five questions you will be asked in a corporate banking interview in China

Corporate banking relationship mangers are in high demand in China, says Rachel Wu, manager of Hays Beijing. “Banks always wish to know what kind of clients the candidates are dealing with, what products they are selling, their sales performance, their relationship management skills, and their communication skills with both internal and external clients.”

These are the top-five questions which Wu thinks you will face as an RM in China, along with her suggested responses.

1) Please provide a list of key clients that you are dealing with and explain how have you obtained and maintained these clients?

Candidates should describe the main MNC or SOE clients they have been covering and the size of their portfolio. They should also explain how they have developed their clients, such as by signing up new accounts or cross referring business.

2) How does relationship management support business growth?

It provides the ability to fully understand client needs by offering a range of tailored products. RMs can refer business to other departments thus helping to improve the bank’s overall performance. This also builds customer awareness and trust in the firm’s products and services.

3) What are the key products offered to your clients and how have you helped to identify and manage client needs for these products?

An experienced RM should fully understand clients’ banking needs by building an in-depth knowledge of their business model and cash flow. They must know the challenges related to the clients’ financial operations and what products they need.

The RM should then advice on how to use these products to ensure client expectation are met and provide suggestion to the bank’s product managers to help them design tailored products to maximise cross-selling opportunities.

4) What do you consider to be the key objectives of relationship management?

To understand customer needs, to develop new clients, to maintain long-term relations with customers, and to cross selling your bank’s products.

5) How do you exceed your client and employer expectations?

Make sure to give real examples to show how have you served clients. It’s also a good idea to provide sales figures if you over achieved company sales targets.

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