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Morning Coffee: Asian bank more than doubles headcount in just 12 months

China Renaissance more than doubles headcount in just 12 months

On the up

Recruitment at boutique investment banks is supposed to be about selectively poaching a few senior bankers from larger firms from time to time. It’s not supposed to be about major hiring sprees.

China Renaissance, however, has more than doubled its headcount – from 100 to 250 – over the past year, according to an interview with its founder and CEO Bao Fan published in Finance Asia.

And the firm, which has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, hasn’t even finished hiring for the year, despite the fourth quarter traditionally being a time of low vacancy numbers. While most Western banks in Asia currently have fewer than 10 front-office roles on offer, China Renaissance aims to add 15 people to its A-share team by the end of December. Bao wants to advise companies relisting in China after delisting overseas.

What kind of experience do you need to get a job at China Renaissance? The bank, which started out as a two-man band 11 years ago, has built its reputation technology, media and telecommunications – and it continues to expand in the TMT sector. More interestingly, Bao told Finance Asia that he’s now hiring in healthcare – that team will grow from 10 to 30 people in the next two years.

Just don’t expect Bao to remember your name if you pass him in the corridor. “Colleagues told me we have 250 people now. I’m like what? I barely knew half of them at the company’s last outing in Chiang Mai,” he said.


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