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Editor’s Take: warning – do not stop your search because of CNY!

I met a candidate last week who told he was “cooling down” his job search until after Chinese New Year because firms wouldn’t be recruiting anyway in the lead-up to the big break.

If you share these silly ideas, please purge yourself of them at once.

As a candidate, you should still be on the hunt this week and next week. At the very least, if you’re not getting interviews, you should be in research mode, scoping out potential opportunities before CNY.

Most banks (and by extension recruitment agencies) are not holding back recruitment in the two weeks before CNY. They have too many pent-up up positions to casually turn off the hiring switch just because there’s a holiday on the horizon. Moreover, getting their recruitment processes rolling now means they can bring people on board after bonus season.

Remember December, that other so-called holiday period? For many recruiters, it was actually one of their best months, with constant activity almost up until Christmas day.

In January/February, the employment market is even more active because banks have their yearly budgets freshly approved.

As one headhunter puts it: “Yes, there’ll be a slight slow down in administration and interviews during the actual week of Chinese New Year, but that will be compensated as things are pushed through quicker in the weeks before.”

Getting a job is difficult enough, even as the market recovers. The next two weeks are not to be wasted.

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  1. Excellent advice, Simon. Full speed ahead.

  2. Don’t think so – all bankers are gone

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