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Daily Dispatches – Five things that would make Singaporean workers happier

Following recent reports that ranked Singaporean workers among the most unhappy in the world, the Wall Street Journal spoke to employers to find out what they could do to improve the lot of their staff.

Employee engagement appears to be a key issue, and local employers have been letting that slide.  Only 39% of organisations held regular events to communicate strategic vision and listen to employee feedback in 2013, according to the research. That’s down from 48% in 2012.

Bank of America slashes trading bonuses

Bloomberg reports that Bank of America Corp. (BAC), the second-biggest U.S. lender, cut the bonus pool for interest-rate traders by 15-20% as revenue dropped.

Singapore launches VC fund to help start-ups move into Asia

VCPost says that the Singaporean government has launched a funding programme to help local startups expand into Indonesia.

In 2010, Singapore launched iSTART, a financing programme designed for local startups. The new iSTART@Indonesia fund will focus on companies in the telecommunication, mobile app development, social media, and similar sectors.

Big at home, but not abroad

Australia’s big four banks may rank among the most profitable in the developed world, but when it comes to brand value they trail their better known foreign peers, say the Sydney Morning Herald.

Aggressive expansion into Asia has put ANZ at the top of the list for Australia’s most valuable bank brands, however the bank’s global rank held steady from last year at 39, with a brand value of $6.8 billion.

Singapore to introduce its first BitCoin ATM

A Singapore company is planning to install the island’s first bitcoin ATM by April. The firm, Bitcoin Exchange, has purchased a Lamassu unit that it expects will arrive mid-March. It plans to install more ATMs if the first unit is well received.

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