Debate: London, first-jobbers, Citi

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How wonderful is London? Getting a first job, Citi after Sandy...

Is Europe being left with the dregs?

London pays a lot more than Continental Europe when it comes to areas like derivatives structuring. Is it a problem, isn't it a problem, what went wrong at JPMorgan in Greece...?

London sucking up derivatives specialists

The jobs oracle speaks

Peter Harrison used to work at Goldman and now spends his time coaching other people on how to get into banking (for a fee). He divulged a few tips on how to land a role - even if you're in your 30's and think M&A is a museum in the West End. Not everyone's convinced.

Guest comment: Breaking into banking

We miss you Sandy

Sandy's gone, Citi's doing well, but plenty of people either want him back or want to get others out.

Sitting pretty at Citi