Debate: Chasing the money; partying in Moscow; working from home

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How wise is it to succumb to buybacks? Is Moscow the most exciting city for bankers? And is home-working tantamount to a day off?

Just a little monetary incentive to stay put...

You've been offered a new job, with great prospects and more money (and pleasant new colleagues). You're about to say "hasta la vista" to your existing role, when your boss offers you a new job, with great prospects and even more money (and the same old colleagues). Should you accept? The general verdict seems to be "no" - you'll only regret it later.

Guest comment: The counter-offer - one step forward, two steps back!

Spending as fast as you earn?

Moscow is the most expensive city in the world, but London's not far behind, according to Mercer Human Resource Consulting. New York's around 20% cheaper than the City, which means London pay packages aren't quite so huge after all.

Hong Kong and Singapore are less costly, but one commenter says they're dull. Moscow has the best parties and salespeople and traders are said to be earning three times more there than they do in London, which may just cover the cost of competing with the oligarchs.

London's bloom fades as costs rise

HSBC at home

HSBC's trying to halve the number of people working at its Canary Wharf offices. Rather than dispatching jobs to India, it plans to encourage people to work from home. But will they actually do any work?

Working from home (or not) at HSBC