Late Lunchtime Links: I am also leaving investment banking, but I feel it has given me a great platform for the future

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Great platform

Great platform

After yesterday’s negative article about banking being full of middle class mediocrities and the life of an itinerant musician being much better, today we bring you a more cheery thing from someone who’s also leaving banking, but feels positive about the industry.

The cheery valediction is also published on Wall Street Oasis, the site which originally carried yesterday’s article. “I also handed in my resignation today after nearly 10 years in finance, primarily in IB, at both the BB and boutique level,” says the writer. But he adds that whilst pianist Stephen Ridley had nothing but criticism for banking and all who work in it, the industry has given him the opportunity to do something entrepreneurial.

“This is my shot to swing for the fences and hopefully make it really big. I have the financial stability and access to the right people to make it happen. Without banking, this may not have ever been an option for me,“ he enthuses.

Maybe it’s an issue of timing. Ridley only spent 16 months in banking before deciding to go on his way. Today’s author spent a decade in the industry. One has money and contacts. The other has memories of 18 hour days.


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