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Did that happen at Dresdner?

City Boy, the fast living, fast talking writer of City exposés in The London Paper has unmasked himself as Geraint Anderson, a top-ranked utilities analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort.

For anyone who failed to keep abreast of Anderson’s columns, we’ve unearthed a few choice links, categorised by subject matter:

Entertaining clients

An expensive business involving 2,500 evenings out at pricey restaurants, followed by nightclubs frequented by ladies of Eastern Europe.

(Dresdner appears, however, to have followed in the footsteps of Deutsche, and cut entertainment allowances in May.)


Dresdner may actually pay bonuses worth more than 100k. Several people even received 400k payouts last year.

However, bonuses for 2008 could be a little lacklustre, given that the bank apparently set its commission targets in December 2007, when market conditions bore a little less resemblance to the career prospects of Sir John Gieve.

Interns and graduates

Liable to be preyed upon by leering bankers, subjected to ribald humour, and made to fetch endless rounds from Starbucks.

And on headhunters

Finally (and this is entirely Anderson’s own opinion): “Frankly, headhunters are parasites living in the bloated stomach of capitalism. When the revolution comes they will be the first up against the wall.”

Dresdner’s defence

Dresdner is keen to distance itself from Anderson – which is entirely understandable given Anderson’s revelations about what went on in the City over the past two years.

A Dresdner spokeswoman furnished us with the following comment on the issue: “Geraint was formerly an employee at Dresdner Kleinwort, as well as a number of other banks. We know that he has been at pains to point out that his new book, which is set at an imaginary US banking giant in Canary Wharf – is a work of fiction charicaturing the investment banking lifestyle. We are viewing the book and his previous columns as nothing more than an attempt to entertain – which we are confident is how they are meant to be received. We wish Geraint well with his new career”

Comments (4)

  1. I hope he gets sacked now that the cat is out of the bag. City Boy is a punk, has always been a punk, and deserves all of the crap that is coming to him – in this life and the next. Typical arrogance. And we wonder why the state of financial services is in disarray? Front Office guys full of greed. What a waste of what is probably a beautiful mind. Speaking of parasites….

    Middle Office Guy Reply
  2. Headhunter = middleman
    Banker = middleman

    emmmm do they should the Bankers 1st or the headhunters.

    Probably both together :-)

  3. I became a headhunter so that I could earn enough money to live after my job in broking didn’t work out. Headhunting works on a similar principle to broking except, for me, I’m my own boss and therefore don’t have to worry about being given those nasty huge expense accounts to corrupt me. And as my clients in both banking and fund management will tell you I never try to place someone to make a quick buck and equally have a vocational interest in seeing people settled in the right job. In DKWs defence I was never aware of cocaine abuse there.

    Gillian McClure Reply
  4. No point pinning blame on Dresdner for pricey dining and strip clubs, it happens at all the banks – clients want it.

    If Dresdner didn’t pay more than 100k bonuses it’s staff would be really crap.

    Interns are normally total arse-kissing geeks, who would wanna do one other than for office laugh points. Mind you, most traders & analysts are total geeks too.

    HH are seriously overpaid just for emailing CV’s about – I want to know what the hell HR do anymore!?

    And finally, its about time a bank said nice things about ex-staff – “wish him well” is very rare, normally there’s an extreme distancing from anything to do with someone who speaks out.

    defunct credit analyst Reply

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