How much can you earn in risk? An amalgamation of recent risk salary surveys

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As a follow-up to our amalgamation of salary surveys for product controllers, we are shining the light of investment banking pay pellucidity on salaries in risk.

Recruitment firms Robert Walters, Morgan McKinley and Hudson all have new 2012 salary surveys out for investment banking risk professionals.

Taking market risk as a point of comparison, the surveys are similar, but not totally so.

For example, Robert Walters and Hudson think salaries for analysts in market risk top out at £55k; Morgan McKinley thinks the maximum is £40k (possibly because it defines analysts as having only two years’ experience). For market risk analysts with up to 5 years’ experience, Robert Walters puts salaries the highest. At more senior levels, Morgan McKinley predicts salaries higher than Robert Walters.

We’ve published the full risk salary surveys from each recruiter below, and pulled out data-points for market risk to help you compare. If you’re a junior risk professional, you may want to try Robert Walters. If you’re senior, you may want to try Morgan McKinley. Hudson falls somewhere in between.

Robert Walters' market risk salary predictions: 

1-3 years £30-£55k

3-5 years £50-£75k

5-7 years £65-£90k

7-10 years: £80-£110k

10 years +: £110k-£140k

Morgan McKinley's market risk salary predictions: 

0-2 years £26-£40k (analyst)

2-5 years £40-£68k (AVP)

5-7 years: £68k-£110k (VP)

7-10 years: £100k-£150k (Director)

MD: £140k-£250k (MD)

Hudson's market risk salary predictions: 

Analyst: £40-£55k

AVP: £55-£75k

VP: £70-£110k

Director: £100-£140k

Robert Walters' Risk Salary survey

Hudson's Risk Salary Survey

Morgan McKinley's Risk Salary Survey