Lunchtime Links: UBS’s fixed income business may be having a great year

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UBS fixed income

Exciting things happening in relation to fixed income inside

Cast your mind back to late 2011. Back then, it was feared UBS might eliminate as much of a third of its headcount in fixed income. That didn’t happen: when Sergio presented his vision for UBS, he said some areas of fixed income were actually quite attractive.

Fast forward to April 2012, and things at UBS’s fixed income business actually appear to be going rather well. “Fixed income is significantly busier in terms of transaction volume than last year,” William Kennedy, the Zurich-based head of UBS’s Investment Products and Services unit, told Bloomberg. “The foreign exchange business also remains robust with client activity levels at historic highs,” he added.

In truth, Kennedy isn’t actually part of UBS’s London-based fixed income trading business, led by Rajeev Misra.  The Investment Products and Services unit actually provides trading facilities for Swiss millionaires. However, his ebullience about fixed income follows similar positive statements from Bob Diamond and Jefferies and suggests 2012 could indeed be the year in which the business bounces back.


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