Should women stick to sales?

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A new study confirms women still aren't exactly storming to the top of investment banks. Anecdotally, they might be best off in sales.

The study by Financial News found women account for only 10% of board-level directors at banks in Europe in the US. And only 4% of the paper's 100 most influential people in the financial markets are women.

Rumour has it that women abound in sales roles, where their persuasive skills can be put to best use. Kate Grussing, an ex-JPMorgan MD turned managing director of Sapphire Partners - an organisation that helps women work flexibly - says there are a lot more women in sales than in trading: "Women are fantastic in sales. They have very good people skills and are great at multi-tasking. Unlike deal-driven roles like corporate finance, it's also an area where there can be some work/life balance."

Let us know what you think. Should women focus on sales as the area of banking with the best opportunities for them to get ahead?