Late Lunchtime Links: Bob Diamond declares things are much better now and two firms intimate big hiring

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Black and blue.

It’s sunny. It’s nearly Easter. The Queen has been Queen for nearly 60 years. And banks might be hiring.

Bob Diamond is feeling so enthused that he’s made a statement on the bank’s website to the effect that BarCap  Barclays has experienced an, “increase in volumes,” both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year. Everyone at BarCap is, “encouraged” as a result, says Bob.

Separately, both Jefferies and the South Korea State Pension Fund have indicated a preparedness to recruit. Jefferies wants to set up an entirely new European financing division, for which it has so far obtained Tom Muoio from Credit Suisse as head of loan syndication.

And the $320bn South Korea State Pension Fund is opening an office in London, for which it is likely to need staff. The Financial Times quotes Nick Clegg, who says himself that this could bring a, “significant jobs boost.”


RBS rates traders said to sit with its LIBOR setters to facilitate information sharing. (Bloomberg) 

A part sale of RBS to Abu Dhabi is not imminent. (Financial News) 

Greg Smith may have unwittingly, or perhaps wittingly, given a boost to one candidate previously thought to have been out of the running for the position of Goldman CEO: J. Michael Evans, head of the firm’s global growth markets. (Bloomberg)

Goldman could be one of the first banks to fully introduce electronic trading for its FICC business. Rates and currencies would be first. (Financial Times)

At least six traders have left Goldman and set up hedge funds in the past two years. None have made any money. (Bloomberg)

Andrea Orcel’s move to UBS could end in tears. (CityAm)

Tony Benn’s granddaughter is working in equities at UBS. (Order-Order)

Suddenly, things are looking up in Dubai and the man who left banking to run a delicatessen might go back into finance. (Bloomberg)

A senior equity derivatives salesman says he’s on £400k max. (Guardian)

Standard Chartered Bank has big ambitions to grow its shipping finance portfolio. (Wall Street Journal)  

People are actually paying money for internships in China. (Businessweek)