GUEST COMMENT: The rant of the disgruntled credit controller

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What happens without credit control

What happens without credit control

I am an experienced credit controller who's looking for work. It is not going well. I am being insulted by employers who are offering me a ridiculous salary for what is an incredibly important role.

The employers I've approached have offered me a salary comparable to that I got when I first left school and was living at home. It is a salary that would not pay my bills, let alone my mortgage. I also have to travel to work and, naturally, my car does not run on water.

They also seem to want, 'top dog.' Only the best will do. And having found the best, they offer a non-living wage. There's no consideration for what motivates a credit controller, or what makes their life happy, or praise for how well you've done when the money comes in. That's simply seen as part of the job and we're expected to get on with it.

Do employers ever use their BRAINS when it comes to credit control? As far as I'm concerned, we are the most important people in the company along with the salespeople. Without us, there will be no money coming in. A company won't survive, no matter how many salespeople it has.

The fact is that credit control is a skilled and difficult job. There is a skill to trying to get paid. When they know they're at the limit of the their credit terms, people often want extended credit. A scheduled payment scheme has to be implemented. We also receive a lot abuse when we send out invoices for a fourth time to clients who don't want to pay. We have to deal with solicitors, meet the financial controller over outstanding debts and queries, keep on top of new debts and settle any queries pertaining to payment.

And then? Then employers turn around and offer to pay us on a par with those at the very bottom of the financial hierarchy.

The fact is, that with the salary I am being offered, I will not be able to pay my own bills or mortgage, I will not be able to run a car and I will barely be able to buy food. Therefore: WHY WOULD I BOTHER CHASING MONEY FOR MY EMPLOYER'S BILLS WHEN I CAN'T EVEN PAY MY OWN?

Make me a reasonable offer and I will work hard for you. Make me an unreasonable offer, and I won't.