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Government gears up for more Antipodeans

It won’t please the ‘British jobs for British bankers’ brigade, but the UK government doesn’t seem particularly bothered. It’s altered the terms of its youth mobility scheme to allow would-be City workers aged 18-30 from Australia and New Zealand (as well as Canada, Japan) to spend two years working in the City instead of the 12 months they could work previously.

Nascent protectionists point out that the government seems somewhat behind the times.

“This was something the market was crying out for over 2007 but now the UK market is more competitive it seems strange it’s been extended. On the face of it, it could mean more candidates for jobs in a very candidate driven market,” says one recruiter.

Recruiter say Antipodeans already account for a high proportion of candidates for middle and back office positions. Recruiter Joslin Rowe puts the overall figure at 30%, while rival Robert Walters says the proportion of Antipodean applicants for contract roles is even higher, at closer to 60%.

Even though the British government is opening the doors to Antipodeans, it remains to be seen whether they’ll walk through them. Australian recruiters say large numbers of Aus financial services emigrants are going home. And Joslin Rowe points to a survey by its sister company Link Recruitment in Australia, which found that the number of Australians seeking jobs in the City was down 14% on last year.

However, Olly Harris, head of temporary recruitment at Robert Walters, says the London market for temp jobs remains relatively healthy and that there are still opportunities for Antipodeans who want to come here. “It’s not as busy as it was, but there are still skills shortages for certain roles,” he says.

Which roles exactly? Harris points to project management jobs with integration, migration, or consolidations experience, as well as technical financial accountants and credit derivatives product controllers.

Comments (14)

  1. So the Aussies and Kiwis come in droves thanks to the new visa changes, find themselves in a hole because of the economic crisis, Media bleating about overpopulation of migrants without jobs. Based on national concern, Home Office then starts to reject genuine applicants on other work related visas more frequently but still cash in the application fees irregardless, even when criteria is strictly met, filling up the govt coffers. These are the easy soft targets because first, they are usually qualified professional ppl with some financial security behind them and can afford the visa fees, and second they’re less likely to kick up the fuss and happy to pay whatever fees are charged. Unlike the real “problem migrants” from elsewhere in EU and worldwive who cant speak English, leech off the UK govt resources, create social problems etc.

    The whole HO is a joke!

  2. Regarding 30% & 60% – surely this is for temporary & contract roles?

  3. Its about time that the UK HO banned the limited company scam. If southern hemisphere migrants want to come the UK to find work / travel opportutnites then fair enough but they should be paying the same tax as the rest of us.

  4. I concur, i have seen plenty of respectable, hard working migrant workers driven away from wanting offices because the HO saw fit to expel top talent. Yet if you take a walk down the high road, you will see no end of un-godly creatures and miscreants wandering our streets quite freely peddling whatever money-gram related scam in favour at the time! The home office has alot to answer for but i fear it will all be too late by the time they realise/take accountability and we will have the nominal cull of the single top figure…

  5. I second Tripping’s comments – know of at least 10 cases of visas of highly skilled migrants (former HSMP, now Tier I) rejected due to several issues such as lack of a rubber stamp on the payslip and the likes. You give HO a call to ask about any updates, they leave you waiting for ages and then you have your visa rejected because of futile reasons as described above and if you would like to re-apply pay the fees and be happy – it cannot be serious.

  6. Guys, Shepherd’s Bush is really over-populated as it is. Stay at home. Please.

  7. Bit of kite flying. Why would any right thinking Antipodean want to stay in a collapsing labour market that is only getting worse, when they can “go home” to a bouyant economy where the Government is actually cutting taxes? I think the real trend is an exodous of young Aussies out the door at Heathrow, never to return and while the market may not be imapacted in the medium term, the long term effects will be an inability of the London IB market to grow and change. If Olly Harris thinks there is a shortage in change management skills currently, just wait twelve months for the regulators to start demanding large scale change, only to find that the change folks have had to leave the industry to find jobs …. or even left the country altogether.

  8. Tripping – Highly skilled antipideon immigrants (who are mainly white) are never the easy soft targets or scapegoats you make out. Thats utter rubbish. The scapegoats are always the less educated, less skilled and almost invariably less white (or eastern european) who are villified by the press and people like you for coming here to do exactly the same thing these aussies are doing. The jobs are just as vital, in fact more vital (factory work, construction etc) Its just that they work in working class jobs, which people like you hold in contempt.

  9. England will probably win the ashes so I doubt there will be any problems.

  10. was off sick yesterday…watched two Polish street cleaners chatting and smoking for just under two hours…laughing and joking – certainly not doing there job…really pleased that i pay council tax for this service! STOP anyone coming in who doesn’t materially contribute to society…there are plenty of Brit born benefit scroungers who can be turfed off the sofa to clean the streets…

  11. Mikey, my comments regarding the “problem migrants” referred to those that DO NOT WORK, expect handouts because of their EU priviledge, hence the term “leeching off the govt resources”. Because of this very priviledge and the EU freedom of movement agreement between UK and Europe, there are scores of these EU residents abusing the priviledge. UK govt cant do much really due to this agreement – it’s too political for them with the EU. Therefore easier to target non EU – predominantly US, Aus, NZ, Canada, Asia, SA. I saw gypsies on the Central line begging like its Rome. How on earth did they get through UK border controls??

    Its the same contempt I hold for the able bodied dole bludgers in both UK and Australia, NOT the hardworking people in both whitecollar and blue collar and working class professions.

    If HO is so concerned about migration control for political or economic reasons, stop issuing these visas altogether, rather than processing them, collect the fees and giving people false hope they will be approved, when in fact they wont be.

  12. Achtung!!! I am British. My forefathers fought and some of them died for this land. I have been unemployed for 11 months. Yes thats right on the dole, rent paid and exempt from council tax and actively seeking employment only to receive rejection after rejection. What are you going to do about that Mr Minister of Pensions and Works James Purnell. This country has been ruined by this governments policies. I am ashamed of being British and embarrassed about this country. I have no pride in this country because it is such a hole that in part due to Home Affairs. What galls me the most is that there are Germans taking jobs here. My grandfather spent six years in the Royal Navy during World War II he certainly didn’t do so that Foreigners could rob me of my right to live and work here. What really annoys me is having to evidence that I am British to a UK employer with a British “dompas”, thats a passport to those non Afrikaans speakers. Remember your place in life if not the visa queue if this is not your country.

    Johnny Foreigner-Smith Reply
  13. It’s about time the clowns at the HO did something to make it a bit easier for Australians to work in this country. The hassle and costs of getting a visa are ridiculous given that 1. you sent our ancestors out to Oz in the first place, 2. we are part of the Commonwealth and 3. cretins from Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic etc can walk straight in with limited english and no money to support themselves.

    ‘Tripping’ and ‘Sceptical’ are spot on – the HO is a pathetic joke.

    Ps. I hear Shane Warne is making a comeback so prepare for a 5-0 whitewash next year.

  14. Warne is fat and old. Bring it on.

    Hi Sarah Butcher – mistletoe alert x

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