GUEST COMMENT: Stupid things to do when you’ve been informed you’re ‘at risk’….

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If you’ve been politely informed that your job is in jeopardy, you may be sitting at your desk waiting to be shafted and pondering a colder future. In the circumstances, several opportunities for bad behaviour may present themselves.

For example: it’s obvious that the contacts you’ve built up are really valuable and whilst you’re at it, why not take an “off site backup” of that cool pricing spreadsheet and the pitch you were going to make for privatising the Greek gas industry.

In the olden days (like 2010), it was easy: email the goods to your personal account. But you’re not that naive any more are you? No, you bought a USB stick for a tenner that can hold all your data, plus some of your colleagues’, just for safety.

Err, no. An open USB port these days either means your IT security people are incompetent or that they are very competent indeed and are monitoring you from Dowgate Hill. You didn’t know there was a security office there? Oh dear…

By now you’ve probably worked out all by yourself that printing it out is just as likely to go bad. As soon as your card is marked, the monitors are turned on - maybe before. Are you still feeling daring?

Redundancy isn’t a fatal flaw in your CV. However, messing up redundancy and being fired can hurt you badly. If you’re found to have removed information illicitly from your employer, you can kiss goodbye to your payoff, your deferred bonus and your share options. If they want it cut up rough, it’s criminal under at least two statutes. Don’t go there.

Dominic Connor is a Director of QF Search and author of “When it hits the fan, career advice for interesting times.'