A brief and depressing thought if you received no bonus for 2011

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If you received no bonus for 2011, you be consoling yourself with the thought that it was a bad year and everyone was poorly paid or paid down.

And yet, this may not have been the case.

Recruitment firm Michael Page surveyed 2,700 people globally and found that of the Europeans that were eligible for a bonus, only 23% received nothing at all. 23% actually got more. 27% got the same as in 2010. The downtrodden and down-paid therefore appear to have been in the minority.

Worse, in the even that your total compensation was more than £500k and you got an unusually low bonus last year, you may be stuck at this level. As we've pointed out previously, the FSA forbids any bank hiring you from offering a guaranteed uplift on your previous year's package.