Lunchtime Links: The head of credit sales at Credit Suisse has been personally fined £210k and made to forego 50% of his bonus

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It is not a happy day for Nicholas Kyprios. The FSA has fined him £210k for playing a guessing game with a fund manager more than two years ago.

In this well-rehearsed childhood favourite, Kyprios apparently encouraged the fund manager to ask him about a bond issue being managed by Credit Suisse so that he could indicate when he was, "getting warmer.” It didn’t help that he was sitting in an open plan office with his 26 reports, who could hear what he’s saying.

The £210k will be borne entirely Kyprios himself. According to the FSA, it will, “have a substantial impact upon him.” To make matters worse, we understand that Credit Suisse is also depriving him of 50% of his bonus for 2011. The only good news is that he’s keeping his job.


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