This trading house has plans to hire hundreds of people in London this year

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Gazprom's Moscow HQ

Gazprom's Moscow HQ

If you’re a commodities trader, or a middle and back office professional, and you’re wondering where to send your CV you have two choices: you can wait for Phil Beatty, head of European natural gas and power trading at Goldman Sachs, to launch his new hedge fund. 

Or you can try Gazprom Marketing and Trading.

Beatty’s hedge fund isn’t a sure thing. Gazprom, however, is.

Last time we touched upon Gazprom, it was 2010 and the company had just let it be known that it wanted to hire 600 new staff in London and was moving from offices in Hampton Wick to near Regents Park. Since then, it’s moved offices, hired all those people (it hired around 300 last year alone), and wants to hire more.

“We’ve got ambitious growth plans,” says Alistair Milnes, head of recruitment at Gazprom Marketing and Trading. “We added 300 people last year. I can’t give exact figures for this year, but we’re expecting pretty good growth and something similar again.”

Who is Gazprom hiring? Milnes says it’s looking for both trading professionals and infrastructure professionals. “It’s very useful to have physicals experience if you want to work for us, so we don’t actively target investment banks,” he says. “The better fit for us are other energy trading and commodity houses. However, we are approached by a lot of people from investment banks looking for new opportunities.”

Apart from the fact that it’s hiring, why would you want to work for Gazprom? It helps that it’s not FSA registered and is therefore free to pay how it likes (although Milne says there’s a deferral policy.)

Headhunters and recruiters at rival trading houses say a lot of Gazprom’s hiring is being done direct and that it’s paying ok, but not astoundingly. “It’s paying market,” one headhunter alleges. Other trading houses are also said to be recruiting, and from investment banks. Mercuria, for example, is said to be poaching from both BarCap and Goldman Sachs.