Late Lunchtime Links: It’s ok – the Japanese DO want to Nomura to have a strong international investment bank

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Takumi Shibata

Takumi Shibata will save you

In what reads a little like pro-Nomura propaganda, but is actually objective journalism, Bloomberg has a long and very reassuring article about the Japanese bank today.

This article says that Jesse Bhattal, the former president of Nomura’s wholesale business, who resigned in January, was the one who wanted to make all the big job cuts at Nomura. The bank's executives in Tokyo didn’t: they “balked” at Jesse's harshness; Jesse walked.

In Bhattal’s absence, the implication is that the international operations of Nomura are now safe.

“Bhattal wanted big cuts in equities, investment banking and the firm’s US business - as much as $1.6 billion,” alleges Bloomberg. “Executives in Tokyo balked, saying it would be a retreat from the firm’s international ambitions and could erode capital reserves.”

It quotes Takumi Shibata, COO of Nomura holdings, as saying that Nomura isn't going to retrench and that it still wants to be a, “global, Asia-based investment bank.”

Does this mean the 4,100 staff at Nomura’s new office near St. Paul’s are safe? Maybe not. Nomura is still making $1.2bn of cost cuts.

The good news - if you're in London - is that Nomura’s staff in peripheral offices seem most at risk.  “We were trying to do too many things, with too many clients, in too many places too much of the time,” Bloomberg quotes William Vereker,  Nomura’s new head of investment banking as saying. “No firm can be all things to all people, especially when you’re building a business.”


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