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Who’s hiring investment bankers?

It’s not all doom, gloom and putrefaction. Quite a few places are actually hiring.

If you’re a footloose investment banker, you’re liable to be spoilt for choice right now – just as long as you’ve given up all hope of working for Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Credit Suisse, or anywhere else with pretensions to be an all-encompassing global financial powerhouse.

Instead, both recruiters and bankers who’ve been wafting around the market point to an abundance of second-tier institutions willing to ingest floating talent.

The latest to open its doors is Jefferies, which revealed yesterday that it had embraced two former CIBC bankers and someone who’d recently been running his own boutique.

Earlier this month it emerged that Hawkpoint had also hoovered up an entire energy team from Bank of America.

Meanwhile, we’re told that CIBC, Gleacher Shacklock, Houlihan Lokey, Lazard, Lexicon Partners, McQueen, Kaupthing, RBC, Stamford Partners and Tricorn Partners are all hiring corporate financiers, as, we hear, are Macquarie Bank and BNP Paribas – both of which do aspire to be global powerhouses, but aren’t American.

One banker who found his way into a smaller house after being let go by one of the big players says it was surprisingly painless: “I was quite reassured by how much there was out there. I was only out of employment for two weeks.”

“A lot of boutiques are open for business,” confirms Nathan Luckas at search firm Kinsey Allen. “But there is a slight question over how many people they’ll actually hire when the dust settles.”

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  1. McDonald’s in Croydon High Street is looking for staff..

  2. Which one John? There are two & I heard rumours one is over-exposed to the McMuffin sector.

  3. John, haven’t we been through this before with the other ABS Bankers? All Zone 1 & 2 latte making, sandwich making, & bus driving jobs went in February. The job that you’re indicating hired late last evening.

  4. Forget doing a CFA or an MBA. McDonald’s offer a degree course….there has to be future in this.

  5. What snobs.

  6. Noted

  7. Theres actually three MacDonalds, if you include the one in the Drummond Centre, a personal favourite, seems the chavs aren’t aware of this hang out

  8. The jokes on McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nero and Domino’s Pizzas are a bit old guys … all heard before. Do you always sing in a choir (the choir of greed or the choir of fear) at unison???

  9. These businesses need you to be a little bit humble and nice to the customers. Not over-bearing self-obsessed idiots. So all you city types have no chance in fast food. Enjoyed the dialogue though. Maybe there are better opportunities in the entertainment industry? Can’t think of a better place for primadonnas.

    voice of reason Reply
  10. there are always good jobs…good and bad times. you just have to find them..stop moaning. show your competitive edge if you are really what you say…

  11. hehehhe.. nice one! i like!

  12. Some of the worst chat ever.

  13. To John and Walker, I for one did not enjoyed your acrimonious comments about working class people. You guys are such snobs, GET A LIFE! By the sound of both your comments, I get the picture that you guys are not CFA Charter holders, as if you were, you would have known just how hard you have to work for it.

    By the way, how did you guys get your jobs? Does it have anything to do with a relative or a friend? As people who work so hard and struggle to get to any stage in life, always remember just what is takes to get there.
    Show a bit of empathy next time you decide to send such unfreindly comments. Bear in mind that others do not find it easy to succeed in life.

    The CFA exam is in June, will I be seeing you guys there?

    I’ll be looking out for that Placard.

  14. Does the McDonald’s in the Drummond Centre pay better bonuses ?

  15. Spring cleaning- then recruit again. Get rid of the bad apples…

  16. Interesting article, given that CIBC’s IB business imploded last year!!

  17. Is Gleacher Shacklock next door to Prontaprint franchise in Edmonton ?

  18. what does cfa have to do with the arrogant rubbish said by the others here?
    cfa hard work??? Low level analyst stuff

  19. The parking meters outside McDonalads make more per hour than the stff inside

  20. The key to the names that are supposedly hiring, – by the sound of the names at any rate, is that I suspect they dont pay a base salary/ They are taking advantage of the market to ship in staff for next to nothing !

  21. I am doing a Master in Banking and Finance. I have been to a “graduate discovey day” and I think that, probably, McDonalds has more jobs to offer than the Banks: Kaupthing has frozen all the position, the others were there only for networking…

    Teodora Bakeroot Reply
  22. Oh the poor widdle traders have to actually be nice to someone eh? Didn’t see that one coming. All you tree huggers out there can go jump as far as we’re concerned. You want a bouyant economy? Let us do our thing!

    Walker Texas Trader Reply

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