Lunchtime Links: Citadel has 150,000 CVs in its database, 25,000 of which were added in the past 12 months

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Your CV is a bit like a grain of sand in the Citadel database

Want to work at Citadel? Want to work for a hedge fund whose flagship funds have finally crested their high water marks and might start paying performance fees again? You will be fortunate.

Citadel apparently has 1,400 employees globally. In a good year, maybe it hires 300 people. Last year, however, it added 25,000 CVs to its database, which now contains a store of 150,000 potential Citadel employees. One can only assume that Citadel only added viable people to its database, implying that applicant numbers were far higher than 25,000. The ratio of applicants to jobs may be somewhere in the ratio of 133:1.

We are able to make these extrapolations because Ken Griffin divulged the CV database and applicant figures in his recent investor letter. Therein, he also said that when constructing a shortlist for a “given position” Citadel often has a pool of more than 100, “highly qualified candidates” to choose from, and that its decision making process often “extends beyond the traditional interviews and reference checks.”  Sadly, he didn’t clarify the precise direction these extensions take.


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