The average person working in an operations role in an investment bank expects to earn £90k

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Following on from this morning’s revelation that median graduate salaries in investment banks are £45k, we can now divulge that the average ‘operations & middle office’ professional in the average investment bank is expecting to earn £90k for 2011.

Specifically, they’re expecting: £75k in base; £15k in bonus.

At least this is what’s predicted by Astbury Marsden’s new salary survey, based on responses from 1,380 people working in financial services.

We’ve pasted the salient tables below. The conclusion appears to be that if you want to earn a lot of money in an ‘infrastructure’ role in banking, you should be working in risk.

Salaries by function and by role

Source: Astbury Marsden

Anticipated bonus by function

Source: Astbury Marsden