These are some of the credentials of some of the people working at Paulson Europe, where pay averages £760k a head

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Compensation per head at Goldman Sachs is forecast to decline to ‘only’ $385k this year. Over at Paulson Europe, by comparison, it has recently emerged that pay per head for the year to March 2011 averaged £760k and that three London-based directors probably shared £11m.

Even better, Paulson has been hiring. A quick look at the FSA register suggests it took on four new approved persons last year.

What does it take to get in?

The backgrounds of Paulson’s approved persons (detailed below) suggests a Harvard MBA will most certainly be of assistance. So will working at another hedge fund. Equally, several of Paulson’s employees have made the move out of banks, suggesting there may be hope for anyone looking to escape into something a lot more lucrative.

Peter Dunne

Joined Paulson in May 2010. Studied an accounting diploma at Griffith College Dublin and a BA in combined studies in marketing at strategy at Heriot-Watt, before going to work for event driven hedge fund Tisbury Capital Management, Brenvey Partners, and then Paulson. Thought to be a trader.

Jonas Constantin Frantz

Joined Paulson in 2007. Thought to be senior vice president and co-head of investor relations. According to this biography, he was previously a sales director at Citigroup Alternative Investments (London, 2003-2007), a Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch International Private Client Group (London)  and a Sales & Marketing Executive, Pegasus Solutions (Frankfurt). Confusingly, the biography referred to above says he studied at the University of Wales, Switzerland.

Paul Michael Galloway

Joined Paulson in August 2011, having previously worked at UBS and Sanford Bernstein. A mining analyst.

Orkun Kilic

Joined Paulson in August 2011 from Morgan Stanley. Studied an MBA at Harvard between 2007 and 2009, having previously worked at Istanbul-based Fiba Capital.

Florian Kronawitter

Joined from Merrill Lynch in 2008, where he seems to have been an analyst in energy and power M&A.

Timothy Maher

Joined Paulson’s investor relations team in February 2010 from Och Ziff, where he held a similar role. Previously an MD at JPMorgan and worked in cap intro at Bear Stearns.

Sarah Mitchell

Joined Paulson in August 2011 from Brevan Howard, where she worked in investor relations. Studied at Queens University Belfast.

Sinead Murtagh

Joined in 2010 from hedge fund Lincoln Vale.

John Reade

A global gold strategist. Joined in 2010 from UBS, where he was MD of metals strategy. Educated at the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College London, spent 8 years working in the South African gold mining industry after graduation.

Massimo Stabilini

Joined Paulson in August 2011 from BBVA’s M&A group. Has an MBA from Harvard and spent two years working in M&A at Merrill Lynch. Studied his first degree at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli, a private university in Rome.

And the big hitters:

Harry St.John Cooper

One of the three directors thought to have shared the £11m. Joined from Cazenove in 2005.

Nikolai Petchenikov

The second of the three directors and CEO of Paulson Europe. Reportedly first joined Paulson in the US. Possibly a Standford Graduate: there is a photograph of someone matching this name on page 13 of this yearbook, although we cannot vouch for the fact that they are the same person.

Mina Gerowin

The third director to share the alleged £11m and the only director about whom much is known. According to this biography, Gerowin is MD of Paulson Europe and has at least 27 years’ experience as a banker/investor. She’s also worked as an interim CEO or CRO and was founding principal in an LBO Partnership. She spent 7 years at Lazard in the 1980s and ran the restructuring department at Dean Whitter. She too has an MBA from Harvard and is a graduate of Smith College and University of Virginia Law School.