Lunchtime Links: Helena Morrissey confesses that people don’t know what to say when she divulges the size of her enormous family

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Large family pre-Morrissey

As we have noted before, Helena Morrissey, chief executive of Newton Investment Management has a large number of children: 9.

Unfortunately, Morrissey’s fecundity is eclipsing interest in her new 30% club, which aims to fill 30% of UK boardroom positions with women. Her latest interview, with the Telegraph, ends up being more about how to juggle work and a big family than about UK boards.

“It is quite unusual in today’s world to have a large family – to have 9 children. It’s off the scale of most people’s expectations and quite a conversation stopper if people don’t know it about me,” Morrissey confesses.

“People often have issues about how one juggles work and home and I’m afraid there is no single magic solution or silver bullet that I’ve found,” she adds. Morrissey does, however, appear to have found something akin to a poison arrow with which to confront the beast of working motherhood: a househusband. “My husband, Richard, is a stay at home father and obviously plays a huge part in the family life and bringing up the children and logistics around it – it is quite a logistical challenge,” she reflects.

Newton is, “steadily strengthening” its UK private client business and has hired someone from Goldman Sachs. (Citywire) 

Women 30 and under make more money, on average, than their male counterparts in all but three of the largest cities in the US. (BusinessWeek) 

Antonio Horta-Osorio said he was “thrilled to be back” and was “looking forward to working with colleagues again.” (Bloomberg) 

Lloyds Banking Group is believed to be planning to pay all bonuses of more than £2k in the bank’s shares. (The Times) 

John Hourican at RBS will receive a special bonus this year of more than £4m. (Financial Times) 

Profits per partner at KPMG fell to £683k from £763k last year. (Telegraph) 

“I would think we’re in for quite a difficult first quarter [of 2012],” said Robert Walters, chief executive of the eponymous group. “The whole thing is about confidence – people are very nervous about moving, and companies are likewise not that confident about hiring.” (Financial Times) 

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has laid off Michael Cho,Asia co-head of mergers and acquisitions, according to a person familiar with the situation. (Wall Street Journal) 

Patrick Lynch, the London-based head of European credit sales and trading at Morgan Stanley has left the bank, two people with knowledge of the matter said. (Bloomberg) 

Deutsche Bank has made at least 5 redundancies in Australia. Morgan Stanley has made at least 10. (Wall Street Journal) 

Deutsche Bank is launching a new hedge fund seeding platform. (Citywire) 

"If this [financial transactions] tax was applied only inFrance, it would inevitably lead to an exodus of banks, insurance companies and management and would reduce ... the role of Paris in the European and global economy." (AFP) 

While France may push ahead alone, Germany and Italy have stuck to the idea of an EU-wide transaction tax. (Telegraph) 

Most banks are expected to book an accounting loss in the fourth quarter from the performance of their own debt. In the previous quarter, this one-time item significantly bolstered the earnings of a number of banks. (Dealbook) 

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