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Must men dye their grey hair to stay at the top in banking?

Antonio Horta Osorio

Something has happened to Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio. During his two months’ off, he has become “noticeably greyer” than before.

A picture here shows him with greying hair and grey beard. In the pre-exhaustion days, he was dark and clean shaven.

Did Horta Osorio decide, during his time off, to stop dyeing his hair?  It looks like it.

If so, he may not be the first senior male financial services professional to experiment with hair colour. Bob Diamond’s hair appears to have gone from brown to  dark black in recent years.

Last time wholesale banking redundancies were made, around 2008, the sale of male grooming products to investment bankers allegedly increased dramatically.

“Just ask about the sale of men’s hair dye at any City Boots and you’ll get the truth: Bankers can’t age beyond 35. You’re past it if you show any sign of silver at the temples,” someone wrote on this site at the time.

By returning from his leave of sickness absence with conspicuously grey hair, is Horta Osorio (47) signaling his unwillingness to keep feigning youth and asking for recognition that he doesn’t have the energy of  30 year old? Maybe? Should other older bankers do the same? Yes. But it may cost them their jobs.

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Comments (2)

  1. I’m really surprised by the poll results: it’s acceptable to have grey hair in the City. Makes me wonder who’s voting. Could it be HR departments en bloc? I can’t agree – the cult of youth obtains in so many of the top firms. See how many post-50 are employed at each and every and you get the real picture. Age discrimination may be illegal, but it’s out there. Boots hair dye and Botox are the future if you’r clocking your second decade in the City

  2. Ho Ho Ho! Having grey hair is about 10 million times better than being bald..especially if it’s that bright white type of grey. Can’t we have a poll on how ridiculous all of those baldie skinhead wannabee gangsters look in the front office?

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