Partner at Goldman Sachs reaches out with almost completely fatuous career advice

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Ever wondered what it takes to get to the top at Goldman Sachs? The careers advice of Pete Lyon, a Harvard MBA graduate, partner and member of the ‘Investment Banking Services (IBS) Leadership Group’ at Goldman Sachs, may not assist you directly. But it will go to show the extent to which you need to spout corporate banalities if you want to get ahead.

Pete spoke to the Harbus about the secrets of getting to the top of Goldman. This is what he divulged (or didn’t, depending upon how you look at it):

-  If you go to HBS you should, “be resourceful and leverage the incredible network the school has to offer its students.”

-  Manage your career proactively:  “While we all have a series of mentors and friends along the way to help guide us, you need to take ultimate ownership of your own career.”

-  “Set a high goal and go after it, using along the way all the resources you can to support your agenda.”

-  Harvard Business School is great: “Of all the terrific things HBS has to offer, it is the incredibly rich and diverse background of the people (students and faculty) that make it one of the most powerful learning environments I have ever seen.” [Can you see a ‘learning environment’?]

-  “You need to look at investment banking as a marathon rather than a sprint.  As such, over the course of your career, be prepared to accept change as part of the normal cadence of doing business and developing a career in the industry.”

And more interestingly:

-  Get  exposure to China, Brazil, India and other rapidly developing economies in need of capital:  “I don’t think it is possible to be successful long-term in our business without significant exposure to such markets,” says Pete.

There is a picture of Pete here. He looks keen.