Lunchtime Links: Is HEC Paris really Europe’s best business school?

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HEC Paris

The Financial Times issued its ranking of European business schools this week.

Based on the ‘quality and quantity’ of its MBA courses, HEC in Paris came top.

If you want to get into investment banking, HEC has several things going for it.

Firstly, plenty of high-powered French bankers have been there. Financial News’s list of rising stars under 40 includes two: Emmanuel Hibou, co-head of media and telecoms investment banking for Emea, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Vincent Laurencin, head of research, Exane BNP Paribas.

Secondly, the fees – at €48k (£41k) are quite modest compared to the likes of London Business School (£54k) or INSEAD (€56k.)

Thirdly, 18% of HEC MBA graduates went into financial services jobs last year.

Fourthly, an HEC MBA will probably do a good job of increasing your salary: the average HEC MBA had achieved a 106% increase on pre-MBA salary three years’ after graduation.

On the other hand, however, HEC MBAs tend to earn a lot less three years after leaving than graduates of INSEAD of LBS. We also suspect that they are mostly recruited by French banks: US banks don’t generally cite HEC as a target school, but we may be wrong.

The FT’s MBA ranking:

  1. HEC: Average salary three years’ after graduation: $123k, a 106% increase
  2. INSEAD: Average salary three years’ after graduation: $148k, a 108% increase
  3. LBS: Average salary three years’ after graduation: $146k, a 132% increase
  4. IESE: Average salary three years’ after graduation: $132k, a 138% increase
  5. IMD: Average salary three years’ after graduation: $146k, an 89% increase

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