Four new hedge funds that may hire you. And the comparative lure of their rented offices

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Hedge funds are still hiring in London. Especially American hedge funds, which seem to be flocking to the UK and renting lavish offices in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. If you want to work for a US arriviste, we suggest you try the following.

1) MKP Capital Management

The best bet if you want to get hired imminently appears to be MKP Capital Management, a New York-based global macro and structured credit fund . MKP is widely reported as recruiting for a new credit team in London and is thought to have enlisted the services of Heidrick & Struggles to help it locate staff.

If you want to approach MKP directly, you can find full details of its London employees here. And you can find its contact details here. Unfortunately, the telephone number doesn’t seem to work, however.

These are MKP’s new offices. We rate them 3 out of 6.

2) Carlson Capital

Carlson Capital, a Dallas-based alternative asset manager with over $6bn under management, has also recently gained a license from the FSA to operate in London. Its London contact details are available here.

Unfortunately, no one is answering the phone.

These are Carlson’s offices. We are allocating them a 5 out of 6.

3) Grosvenor Capital Management

Chicago-based Grosvenor Capital Management, with $20bn under management and 200 employees, has also recently gained a licence to operate in London, as GCM Investments. Its London contact details are available here. Unfortunately, the company only has a US number right now.

These are Grosvenor’s offices in W1. (4/6)

4) Castle Creek

Also new to London, is Chicago-based Castle Creek Arbitrage LLC, which has around $800m under management and is operating as CC Arb Global Limited.

The company apparently has two employees in London at the moment. It told us there are no immediate plans to hire anyone else (although 2012 may prompt a reassessment of staffing requirements).

These are its offices. We can’t see inside. Based on exterior alone: 3/6.