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The man walking Moorgate with a sandwich board looking for work wishes to remain anonymous

A man called Steve is stalking Moorgate. He is an IT professional who is fully au fait with the use of apostrophes. Steve is looking for a job in: project support, rollouts or desktop support. You can get in touch with him on: 07939 543 155.

Steve in IT

We called Steve. What brought him to this? He wasn’t willing to say. “To be honest, this isn’t really an angle I want to take,” he told us.

Unfortunately, it may be too late for Steve to retreat to the full anonymity of online job searching. By resorting to the board, he’s set himself up as a Joshua Persky in the City of London – Joshua being the MIT graduate who stalked Wall Street in 2008. Last year, Joshua remained unemployed.

Sandwich boards do, however, have a history of success. In 2009, David Rowe a history graduate walked Fleet Street offering to work for free. He was subsequently offered a job as a recruitment consultant.

Bigger boards may be better boards. If walking Moorgate doesn’t do it, Steve could increase his visibility. Like Féilim Mac An Iomaire, who achieved a job he, ‘could only have dreamt of,’ having advertised his availability on a billboard in a busy road in Dublin.

Comments (13)

  1. Well at least he doesn’t look desperate

  2. “He was subsequently offered a job as a recruitment consultant.”

    Recruitment ‘consultants’ will recruit among corpses at the local mortuary if given the chance, such is the turnover in that ‘profession’.

  3. Leave that poor guy alone. You are going all News of the World on us. The man is desperate for a job and doesn’t want to be the laughing stock of the City. No value whatsoever in the story. Just sarcasm and contempt for someone going through tough times. God I hope you replenish your Karma bank Sarah

  4. @PostmanPat – I didn’t intend for the article to be sarcastic and contemptuous, but to point out that this is happening. He may even get a job as a result. It’s giving him exposure.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  5. “He is an IT professional who can spell and is fully au fait with the use of apostrophes.” Yeah, not sarcastic at all.

  6. What a spiteful article.

  7. Has he at least tried one of the reconciliation clerk positions going at the Second Bank of Bengal in East Croydon.

  8. The chick on the left is hot.

  9. @Anon. Yeh i think she’s hot too. Wondering if she’s got a board with her number ?

    not jobless yet Reply
  10. Sarah, you have let yourself down here. If more people took the initiative our nation would be in a much better position than it is. That should be encouraged not ridiculed. I normally support you against the idiots that ‘flame’ on this site. Inexplicably you seem to have become one of them. You are better than that.

  11. thats my mum giys!!!

  12. I hope he gets a job. I got one of my first jobs by walking in off the street, blagging my way past the receptionist and having an interview with the boss. Yes, my education and experience helped, but i doubt my CV would have made it past the HR wastrels when no job was advertised.

    Good luck, Steve.

    Equities analyst Reply
  13. Go Steve …. go!

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