Debate: M&A passé, moaning about maternity leave, uh-oh at UBS

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M&A jobs are not what they were, if only women could give birth at the desk, and is UBS up the creek or on the bank?

M&A careers going the way of analogue TV?

Why work in the crusty old corner of M&A when you could be doing something a little more 21st century instead? Ex-M&A banker-turned-author William Cohan got out of it. Should you do too?

Guest comment: M&A careers are passé

Having babies isn't productive

Rumour has it that banks are sidelining women of child-bearing age because they're liable to start bearing children and go on maternity leave. It's obviously not legal, but a few people have expressed sympathy for the lot of the poor employer.

No breeders, thank you

Does UBS have a strategy?

After it got rid of chief exec Peter Wuffli there was speculation that UBS was set to veer off in a private banking direction and even throw itself at the feet of Lehman Brothers. One week later this has happened and the bank has announced plans to strengthen its US investment banking franchise.

Uncertainties at UBS