Olympics opportunities are coming

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It may not sound like any great consolation if you've just lost your job in 2008, but at some point between now and 2012, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will need to hire an additional 2,800 people.

Given that the privately funded Committee is run by Paul Deighton, a former Goldman Sachs corporate financier, it's fair to expect that at least some of these jobs might go to people with experience of working in investment banks.

A spokesman for the games says they'll be needing people who can plan and manage the event, logistics specialists, venue managers, IT and communications staff, and administrators.

Interested parties are advised not to send in their CVs speculatively, but to wait until jobs are actually advertised on the Committee's website.

Right now, there's not much on offer: the Committee is advertising for a 'venue cluster manager' and that's all.

Failing this, you could always try the Olympic Delivery Authority (the publicly funded part of the Olympics machine, which is responsible for actually building the stadiums, etc.). They are currently advertising for a head of finance. Don't all apply at once.